As to foreign investment issues at close of 2017 Cuba had 80 projects with foreign participation in process of negotiations, with real possibilities of realization in 2018. By the way, the Portfolio of opportunities for the period 2017-2018 proposed 456 investment projects for foreign capital for an esteemed value of USD 10,700.00.

In this period our bank has continued working in order to develop different economic programs of interest for Cuba, for instance are the following:

  • Programs for renewable sources of energy, including Eolic and photovoltaic energy, biomass and water power, as well as the efficient use of energy.
  • Financing for oil extraction, supply and oil production and derivatives.
  • Programs for developing and modernization of strategic sectors of the country like tourism and telecommunications.
  • Equipment acquisition for agriculture, mining and energy industries, motor, electronics and pharmaceutical, biotechnology, water resources and construction.