Banco Nacional de Cuba has a strategy for Preventing Money Laundering, combating Terrorism Financing and Weapons proliferation composed of 8 Chapters focusing in the implementation of preventive measures aiming at a strict compliance of regulations and procedures established in Instruction 26/13 of Banking Supervision Office and Resolution 51/13 of Minister-President of Banco Central de Cuba, the Basle´s basic principles on banking supervision and the 40th recommendations of the international Group for Financing Action (GAFI), connected to the five components of the Internal Control System established on Resolution 60/11 of the Comptroller’s General Office.

This strategy has the objective of raising prevention, detection and combating illegality and corruption acts through the strengthening of the Internal Control System and the discipline of the labor force preventing the Money Laundering, the proliferation of massive destruction weapons and terrorism financing. Thus, some actions are taken by different organization units, which are analyzed and supervised on a quarterly basis by the Compliance Officer.

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