Credit Committee of Banco Nacional de Cuba functions as an auxiliary body, advisory of the Board of Directors about issues concerning the application of credit policy; besides, it analyses reviews and attends the financing request, guarantees and delivers its considerations to the Board for its final approval.

Among its functions are the followings: to assess activities associated to financings and banking risks; to periodically review existing financing performance and due; to analyze exchange risks and interest rates proposed; to provide opinions about projects presented by national or foreign entities in which Banco Nacional de Cuba takes part; to ensure the operation support in order to guarantee the repayment; to inform BNC´s Board of Directors and the Compliance Officer about presented operations that are typically fraud cases, money laundering or lack of transparency; to propose the terms and conditions reasonable in accordance with the country and the type of financing dealing with; to provide the guarantee scheme and variants to be considered; to inform BNC´s Board of Directors about violations concerning Operating financing policies abroad in which Cuban entities incurred in order to take actions appropriately.