Banco Nacional de Cuba´s path has been a valuable source of experience as to banking activities, mainly in current conditions, in which has been necessary a special impulse to foreign credit management and debt renegotiation for achieving the country´s development.

Banco Nacional de Cuba, with a qualified personnel characterized by its experience and professionalism, is equipped with a national infrastructure and two Representative Offices abroad and through a sustained effort it has achieved the international recognition allowing it to fulfill the commitment conferred by Cuban State in the execution of highest priority operations for our economy, such as:

  • To grant and obtain credits in national and foreign currencies.
  • To issue bank guarantees previous assessment of economic-financial situation of requesting entities.
  • To issue, accept, discount, guarantee and negotiate bills of exchange, promissory notes, checks and other documents related to trade, which may be negotiable, denominated in national or foreign currencies.
  • To keep the record, control, service and handle of foreign debt that Cuban Government and Banco Nacional de Cuba have contracted with foreign creditors until Decree-Law No.172 of Banco Central de Cuba came into force.

Thus, this institution is capable of satisfying the needs and expectations, not only of the Cuban State but also of each of its clients and of accomplishing its Mission and reaching its Vission.

Mission: Banco Nacional de Cuba is committed to the effectively handling of financial operations related to foreign trade, managing foreign financing and export credit insurance coverage, keeping the strict record and control of Cuba´s foreign debt and its own, as well as debt servicing and attending through cessions and transactions, any renegotiations derived or required from it.

Vision: Banco Nacional de Cuba attempts to be an essential and reliable actor in the monetary and financial resource management in favor of Cuban economy.

Values: Banco Nacional de Cuba emphasizes in the formation and development of moral qualities that must characterized its personnel and must be part of their identity, culture and image, for this reason, BNC has as shared values the following: Honesty, Professionalism, Responsibility, Discretion, Integrity, Efficiency and Respect.

Human Capital is its more valuable asset, because it plays an important role in performing and developing the objectives planned for the current year. At the end of 2017 there were 157 workers implementing their functions in accordance with the organization structure of the bank. The 44.58% of workers stay in the bank for over 5 years and the 36.30% for more than 20 years.

The formation and development of Human Capital in the year 2017 was satisfactory. The actions of formation planned in this period include: diploma, mastery, postgraduate studies, with 965 workers obtaining these degrees. Some seminars were also imparted about prevention and facing illegality acts, among other activities.